Our pedagogical approach 

Our teaching model is based on an action-oriented method composed of three interacting components: Action, Theory and Reflection.

Our pedagogical approach. Image
Our pedagogical approach 

The act of doing stuff and taking action is central to the pedagogical approach you will find in our courses and programmes. 

While we champion action, we believe in order for the action component to result in real knowledge, it is essential to include reflection to make sense of what actually happened during and after the action-oriented component. We ask our students to relate to contemporary theories in entrepreneurship in their reflection process. It is in this cyclical process of experiential learning where we believe entrepreneurship is best learned. 

Building upon this praxis based pedagogical approach, in our courses we make heavy use of guest lecturers and facilitators from industry. Overall, this provides deeper and more useful knowledge, develops practical expertise within the area, and creates interpersonal understanding.