Vision and mission

Advancing entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs through knowledge

Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship aims to be one of the leading centres in Europe with regard to knowledge development and dissemination aiming to strengthen entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs.

The vision will be realised by three interconnected fields of activities:


The Centre will provide education in, about and for entrepreneurship, targeting national and international actors, including students from all faculties and levels of study, and external partners. The Centre is to use an action-oriented approach to teaching, conveying knowledge based on contemporary research within the field. The education provided by the Centre shall be of a high international standard.


The Centre will conduct cutting-edge research within entrepreneurial phenomena across various contexts. The research results will serve as a foundation for the educational activities and be disseminated through traditional outlets such as journals and conferences, but also through strategic networks and activities such as the ones mentioned below.

Strategic networks 

The Centre will initiate and develop strategic relations for mutual exchange with both national and international universities, alumni, partners from the industry and other actors with an interest in entrepreneurship. The Centre will provide various activities directed at these groups, and become a natural meeting place for the exchange of knowledge in entrepreneurship. 


Last published: 2022-02-08