Practical information 

Single subject courses in economic history

About registration

In order for you to begin a course at Lund University the following steps need to be taken:

The registration is done on your student account at Lund University. The registration opens approximately one week prior to the first day of the course. Please enter the Student portal for registration.

Once in on the Student portal you continue via “LADOK” and the course in question.

If you are only conditionally admitted to a course or if you fail in registering, please contact before the time for registration has passed!

The student account

If you are already a student at Lund University you already have a student account.  If you are not already a student at Lund University you will via e-mail get log-on information when you are admitted to a course.

It is preferred that you use your automatically generated student e-mail since problems may occur with other e-mail-services, however it is possible to change.

Activate your student account

More information about your student account

Introductory meetings, schedules and course information

In TimeEdit you will find times for the upcoming semester's introductory meetings. Note that the times may be updated up to the weeks before the start of the course.

You will find dates for introductory meetings, schedules and course information on the Canvas learning platform. You log in with your student account. The schedule may change, so go in and update the course area on Canvas continuously!

If you have not received any introductory information no later than one week before the start of the semester, you can contact