Doctoral projects

The Department of Economic History hosts a dynamic and diverse community of some 30-35 active doctoral students. They come from different backgrounds, and many have been recruited internationally. With singular exceptions, the doctoral students are recruited by different research projects at the department. While contributing to the overall research aims of the projects, they also develop their own independent agenda.

Johanne Arnfred: I fabrikernas skugga: hantverkarna under det industriella genombrottet

Nicolai Baumert: Drivers, determinants, and long-term implications of missionary work in Sub Saharan Africa

Martin Bergvall: The emergence, spread and development of divorce in Sweden 1880-2010

John Brolin: The long-term health and socioeconomic effects of childhood diseases and prevention

Marcos Castillo: Economic outcomes of Swedish immigrants in the US during the Age of Mass Migration, 1860-1940

Michael Chanda Chiseni: The Historical and Long-Term Impact of Christian Missionaries in Zambia 1924-2018

Benjamin Chatterton: Colonialism and the socio-economic impact of the indigenous people: The case of Cape Colony

Louise Cormack: The role of early-life health on health and economic outcomes over the life course, 20th century Sweden

Clara Dallaire-Fortier: The title is Industrial Policies and Long-term Welfare: Exploring Cases of Closures in Canadian Natural Resource Sector, 1960-2020

Elien van Dongen: Long-term trends in Swedish intergenerational mobility, 1850-2015

Marcus Falk: Production and Consumption in the Early Modern Swedish Household, ca. 1500-1860

Johanna Fink: The Emergence of the Green State in Sweden

Nick Ford: The life course of graduates: Assessing the economic effects of education in Scandinavia, 1880–1920

Jakob Hannerz: Assessing socioeconomic impact of decentralized electrification in sub-Saharan Africa

Jonathan Jayes: Skills and technological change: the impact of electrification on the geographic distribution of skill gaps in Sweden

Fredrik Kopsch: Housing markets, regulation and distribution of values

Jonas Kreutzer: Environmental Innovation — a Case Study of the Swedish Forest Industry since 1970

Elisa Labbas: Costs and consequences of unpaid caregiving among working-age men and women across Europe

Valeria Lukkari: Formation, transformation and persistence of non-European elites in the colonial Kenya

Dominic Mealy: Crisis and Transformation: Marketisation in Western Europe after 1970

Markus Melles: Is Africa growing out of poverty? A comparative historical inquiry

Youssouf Merouani: The Role of Gender Equality: Long-run development process in France and Sweden

Luka Miladinovic: Us and Them: Economic Consequences of Ethno-confessional Diversity

Vinzent Ostermeyer: The Swedish Industrialization from an Establishment-Level Perspective, 1864-1900

Liuyan Shi: The long-term health and socioeconomic effects of childhood diseases and prevention

Vinicius de Souza Maia: Long-term neighborhood effects on income, health and education

Anton Svensson: Retirement before the welfare state in Sweden from 1500-1850 - a comparative perspective

Linn Ternsjö: A Mauritian Miracle in the Rearview Mirror: Labour-intensive Industrialization for Sustainable Human Development

Rami Zalfou: Syrian Migration in the Past and Present

Liang Zhao: International capital movement and disequilibrium

Last published: 2022-09-12