Lund University Macroeconomic and Demographic Database

Swedish Historical National Accounts

Olle Krantz & Lennart Schön

Here different editions of historical national accounts for Sweden are presented. They represent the outcome of a research program at the Department of Economic History, Lund University, and, later, also at the Economic History Department, Umeå University.

Accounts of methodology, principles of empirical estimation, sources et cetera are to be found in Krantz, Olle and Schön, Lennart (2007), Swedish Historical National Accounts 1800-2000, Lund Studies in Economic History 41, Lund; Schön & Krantz (2012),“Swedish Historical National Accounts 1560―2010” Lund Papers in Economic History 123, Lund University; Schön & Krantz (2015), "New Swedish Historical National Accounts since the 16th Century in Constant and Current Prices." Lund Papers in Economic History 140, Lund University.

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Last published: 2021-07-05