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Manufacturing Industry Products


Branch Price Index 1885–1969: (1910/12=100) Main Branch Price Index and PPI 1885–1969: (1910/12=100)
Iron and Steel Works .xls .doc
Metal Works .xls .doc
Iron and Metal Manufacturing .xls .doc
Machinery Industries .xls .doc
Electro Technical Industry .xls .doc
Shipbuilding Industry .xls .doc
Motor Industry .xls .doc
Bicycle Industry .xls .doc
Mining Industry .xls .doc
Mining and Metalwork Industries .xls .doc
Stone and Glass Industries .xls .doc
Wood Industries .xls .doc
Paper and Printing Industries .xls .doc
Foodstuff Industries .xls .doc
Textiles and Clothing Industries .xls .doc
Leather and Rubber Industries .xls .doc
Chemical Industries .xls .doc
Electricity and Energy Industries .xls .doc

Producer Price Index 1885–1969 .xls .doc

Glass Industry .xls .doc
Brickwork and Cement Industries .xls .doc
Sawmill Industries .xls .doc
Joinery Industry .xls .doc
Pulp and Paper Industries .xls .doc
Other Paper and Package Industries .xls .doc
Printing Industry .xls .doc
Butchery Industry .xls .doc
Dairies .xls .doc
Fat Industry .xls .doc
Milling Industry .xls .doc
Bakery Industry .xls .doc
Sugar Industry .xls .doc
Confectionery Industries .xls .doc
Other Food Industries .xls .doc
Liqour Industry .xls .doc
Breweries .xls .doc
Tobacco Industry .xls .doc
Spinning and Weaving Industries .xls .doc
Ready-made Clothes Industry .xls .doc
Boots and Shoe Industry .xls .doc
Tanneries .xls .doc
Rubber Products Industry .xls .doc
Fertilizer Industry .xls .doc
Dye Industry .xls .doc
Soap and Detergents Industry .xls .doc
Chemicals Industry .xls .doc
Technic-chemical Industry .xls .doc
Petrol Refineries .xls .doc