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Research on education in an economic and social context has been carried out at the Lund University Department of Economic History since the 1970s. It was pioneered by the late professor Rolf Ohlsson and resulted in several books and articles by Ohlsson, as well as Ph D dissertations by Lars Pettersson (1983) and Anders Nilsson (1984). A recent project within this field was Knowledge, Skills and Economic Growth, 1870-2000 (FAS 2002:0649) led by Jonas Ljungberg. Among the publications of this project are, so far, a Ph D dissertation by Fay Lundh Nilsson (2007), Lönande lärande.Teknologisk förändring, yrkesskicklighet och lön i svensk verkstadsindustri omkring 1900 [Profitable Learning – technological change, skills and wages in the Swedish engineering industry around 1900] (Lund Studies in Economic History, 40), a booklet by Anders Nilsson (2008), Yrkesutbildningen i Sverige 1850-1910 [Vocational education in Sweden, 1850-1910]. Årsböcker i svensk undervisningshistoria, vol 208, and the article where the time series on human capital stocks and average years of schooling, for Sweden 1870-2000, are presented and analysed (Ljungberg and Nilsson 2009 – available online). Within this field is also Jonas Ljungberg (2004), ’Did Higher Technical Education Pay?’ (in J. Ljungberg and J-P Smits (eds), Technology and Human Capital in Historical Perspective, Basingstoke : Palgrave Macmillan)



Human capital stocks (STOCK) and average years of schooling (School): Sweden , 1870-2000 .xls .doc


Last published: 2021-07-05