Financial history, banking and insurance

Swedish Money supply 1619 until present

Tables 1619-2014

Ögren, A., & Edvinsson, R. (2014). Swedish money supply, 1620–2012. I R. Edvinsson, T. Jacobson, & D. Waldenström (Red.), Historical Monetary and Financial Statistics for Sweden, Volume II: House Prices, Stock Returns, National Accounts, and the Riksbank Balance Sheet, 1620–2012 (Vol. 2, s. 293-338). Ekerlids Förlag. 

Market Capitalisation of Listed Companies 1975–1987

The ratio between a country’s total market capitalisation of its listed companies and GDP is often used as a proxy for the degree of development of its financial system. The World Bank’s World Development Indicators (WDI) data on market capitalisation is the most commonly used source. However, the data set stretches only from 1988 onwards. This data set supplement the WDI with data covering the period 1975–1987 for 13 European countries, US. and Canada.

Data, description and documentation

Lobell, H. (2010) Market Capitalisation of Listed Companies, Data for Thirteen Western European Countries, U.S. and Canada 1975–1987.  Lund Papers in Economic History, 2010:115.


Last published: 2021-07-05