Covid-19 and the 2021 autumn semester

Information for students and staff at LUSEM

New infection control measures

The Swedish government has decided on new infection control measures as of 1 December. The measures concern, among other things, regulations about how indoor public gatherings and events with more than 100 participants can be conducted with or without vaccination certificates.

How the University is affected

At present, it is not possible for Lund University to use vaccination certificates. Other infection control measures will be taken instead.

  • Teaching, assessment, including the public defence of doctoral theses, and research do not fall within the scope of public gatherings and events.
  • Concerts, public lectures and other public events may be affected.

Also see the Swedish Public Health Agency's information:

More information about the new infection control measures on the Swedish Public Health Agency's website

Requirements for testing from 22 November

From 22 November, you should get tested if you have symptoms, irrespective of whether you are fully vaccinated or not. This does not apply if you have had a confirmed Covid-19 infection in the past six months.


See information about current requirements for testing on the Swedish Public Health Agency's website

We are back on campus as of 1 November

As of 1 November, in accordance with the vice-chancellor’s decision on 17 June 2021, the University returns to being an organisation without limitations imposed by COVID-19 restrictions. This means that, as a starting point, activities are to be conducted on campus. Regarding education for which special reasons apply, the return may be completed by 16 January 2022 at the latest.

Covid-19 is still classed as a generally and socially hazardous disease according to the Communicable Diseases Act. As an employer and education provider, the University needs to address this. This means that we are to continue to avoid crowding and stay at home if we have symptoms.

The government’s plan for the removal of restrictions is currently at stage 4. When the government decides to move to stage 5, the remaining restrictions will be lifted.

A safe study environment – everyone’s responsibility

It is still important to uphold a safe and secure campus environment for our students and staff. Please consider the following advice when visiting campus:   

  • Avoid crowding if possible
  • Stay at home if you have symptoms of a cold or illness 
  • Observe good hand hygiene

The Public Health Agency of Sweden website also provide recommendations and guidelines on individual responsibility for preventing the spread of covid-19.

General guidelines from the Swedish Public Health Agency

Last published: 2021-12-03