Disclosure Fit for Purpose Conference


EVRACSI Conference 2021

We are in the midst of an intense era of transformation.

To reach Agenda 2030 and promote a global sustainable development, our companies must become more sustainable. In order to maintain an efficient capital market, it is vital for all actors to be able to assess sustainability performance. Reliable assessment of sustainability performance remains a key challenge to the world’s policy makers, financial market actors, industry and academia.

Our conference is an attempt to tackle the reporting issue head-on. This high-profile conference brings together some of the most prominent players in the quest of developing disclosure that can provide value relevant, credible and comparable information on how our companies perform on the different sustainability arenas. Succeeding with this is crucial for accelerating and reorienting capital flows towards more sustainable investments.

Our conference, organized by Lund University, will include keynote speeches, moderated Q &As and round-table discussions led by significant actors with different perspectives on the sustainability disclosure area. Our conference will try to unpack not only what roles and responsibilities the different actors need to take in this process but also what requirements and aspirations they have when it comes to developing disclosure fit for the future landscape of sustainable finance. 

The conference will produce a policy report that includes a roadmap identifying possible avenues ahead, as well as detailing the enabling and constraining factors that affect the development of disclosure fit for purpose.

Key issues to be discussed at the conference include:

  • What can regulators and policymakers do to empower businesses and financial markets in the transformation to more sustainable development?
  • What are the key components and mechanisms for enabling sustainability to be further integrated into financial market strategies?
  • What roles do corporate disclosure and transparency play in accelerating this change?
  • What themes and perspectives are needed on the research agenda to facilitate the required sustainable transformation?  


The recently published ‘A European Green Deal’ stresses the EU Commission’s increased ambitions to confront climate change. The Commission has developed a detailed action plan on how to finance sustainable growth. This plan extends across the entire international investment chain. The development of a transparent disclosure context supporting this acceleration towards sustainable growth is a key prerequisite.

According to the EU, there is an urgent need to enhance transparency to end-investors and to also find out how financial market actors consider sustainability. Several of the proposed ambitions explicitly highlight the central role played by disclosure in this process. EU has recently agreed on new disclosure regulations for sustainability related disclosure in the financial service sectors (EU 2019/2088) and for improvement of sustainability disclosure benchmarks (EU 2019/2089), as well as the taxonomy regulation. These regulations constitute a central pillar for improving disclosure by both financial and corporate actors. Disclosure, thus, plays a central role in these efforts.

Succeeding in enhancing sustainability disclosure is crucial for accelerating and reorienting capital flows towards investments promoting sustainable growth. The success relies on an active interaction and engagement of policy makers, financial market actors, companies and the academia. It is time to join forces! Our Disclosure Fit for Purpose conference is an attempt to bring these actors together. 


Agenda, programme and sign up information will be posted here eventually.

How to get to Lund

Information on how to get to Lund University.

This Conference is arranged by the EVRACSI Initiative at Lund University.


For further details please contact:

Susanne Arvidsson, Associate professor: evracsi@ehl.lu.se  

New, updated programme will be published here soon.

Last published: 2020-10-07