Opportunities to engage with the School on Sustainability

a Selection of activities 

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Reversed mentorship

The aim is to create mutual learning and build relationships during one semester.
Language: English

For professionals:

  • interested in pursuing sustainable development
  • interested in hearing the students' voices
  • with passion for and knowledge of sustainability

For students:

  • from the Sustainable Future Hub student network
  • an opportunity to contribute their mindset and knowledge in the field of sustainability
  • an opportunity to contribute to real sustainable development


You get the unique opportunity to meet regularly with a student from the Sustainable Future Hub network. The network consists of students from various study backgrounds and nationalities, meaning that a wide mix of skills and knowledge is available. 

Read more about the Reveresed mentorship here.

Case in Strategic marketing course

Language: Swedish

  • Students team up to review your company's sustainability strategy from an external communication perspective.
  • The case is part of the course strategic marketing at Bachelor level.
  • The case involves five students over six weeks.

Offer for professionals

Our students get to take on a case based on a challenge in your company or organization. You participate in 2-3 meetings in total. One meeting initially, possibly a meeting halfway through and finally a final meeting when the case is presented and the report is submitted.

Managers for shadowing

"Shadowing" a professional is often a good opportunity for both student and manager to reflect on the structure in which they operate.

Language: Swedish or English

Offer for professionals

  • The students on the Master's program in Management "shadow" a manager for three days in the spring semester and reflect on managerial tasks, challenges and requirements
  • The student creates a plan for how he follows the manager and collects information
  • There is a lot of flexibility for student and manager to set up the shadowing so it suits both

Live case – solving a business challenge

Giving students an active case from your business gives you the opportunity to see the problem from new perspectives. Part of the Master's program in Management. The project is active for 10 days in the autumn.

Language: English

Offer for professionals

You present an active challenge to your company, and the students develop a tailored solution proposal and present their solution, complete with presentation and notes

LUSEM Case Academy

The School of Economics organizes several activities outside of teaching related to cases and case competitions. Our students receive high praise at both in national and international competitions.

Language: Swedish or English

Offer for professionals

Be the judge in case training and case competitions where student groups present a recommendation to an organization. You as a judge evaluate and provide feedback, academic and practical perspectives are both important.

Something else?

Do you have an idea for collaboration between students and organisations that you want to see realised? Contact the Sustainable Future Hub project manager Martina Oxling!