Participating researchers

Faculties involved in the EVRACSI Initiative


  • Fredrik N G Andersson, Associate Professor in macroeconomics, Lund University School of Economics and Management
  • Susanne Arvidsson, coordinator and associate professor, Business Administration / Accounting and Corporate Finance, Lund University School of Economics and Management
  • Nancy Bocken, professor and research coordinator in Sustainable Business, Mngt & Practice, IIIEE
  • Emily Boyd, professor, director of LUCSUS, USV
  • Erik Brandstedt, post doc, Dept. of Philosophy, The joint faculties of humanities and theology
  • Lars J Nilsson, professor in Environmental and Energy Systems Studies, Faculty of engineering 
  • Steven Sampson, professor emeritus in Social Anthropology, Faculty of social sciences

Fredrik N G Andersson is an Associate Professor in macroeconomics at Lund University School of Economics and Management. His research focuses on economic policies to decarbonize the economy. For example, he has explored the relationship between economic transformations, energy and economic policies in a historical context. In recent years, he has focused on the energy-intensive and natural resource based industries and the special circumstances they face in the drive towards zero greenhouse gas emissions. Fredrik has also been a member of Miljömålsberedningen’s reference group of Economists, and he is a member of the municipality of Lund’s climate council. 
Fredrik N G Andersson's Research profile

Susanne Arvidsson is associate professor in finance and accounting at Lund University School of Economics and Management. In her research she explores, from corporate and financial-market perspectives, the ongoing transformation of organizations into more sustainable. The main foci of her research include to identify best-practices as well as key challenges related to e.g. sustainability reporting, sustainability performance, sustainability risk management, SDG Mapping and transformative sustainable leadership. She enjoys an extensive, international network of scholars, practitioners and politicians.  She is initiator of several high-profile collaborative partnerships between academia and business society among others the SUBREA-conference and the Swedish Corporate Sustainability Ranking of which she is chairman. 
Susanne Arvidsson's Research profile

Nancy Bocken is professor at The International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE) at Lund University. Her research evolves around the broad field of Sustainable Business Management and Practice. Within this, she is exploring the areas of sustainable business models, business experiments for sustainability, sustainable innovation, Circular Economy, scaling up sustainable business, and closing the 'idea-action' gap in sustainability, through development, testing and application of novel tools, methods and approaches.
Nancy Bocken's Research profile

Emily Boyd is professor in sustainability studies at LUCSUS (Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies). She is a leading social scientist with a specialist focus on environment and climate change. Her focus has been on the interdisciplinary nexus of poverty, livelihoods and resilience in relation to global environmental change, focusing on issues pertaining to cities, sustainable land use, water and deforestation in Africa, Latin America, South-East Asia and Europe. Her work has been published across the social and sustainability sciences with notable publications on resilience, adaptation and the politics and practice of community participation in the new carbon economy.
Emily Boyd's Research profile

Erik Brandstedt is Ph.D. and post-doc in philosophy at Lund University. His main research concerns the normative dimension of climate change, or more specifically, a fair distribution of the costs and benefits of dealing with climate change. A related research interest is intergenerational justice, that is, questions about justice between generations. In addition to that, he has a general interest in political and moral philosophy, and in particular their methodological underpinnings and John Rawls's theories and methods. His reserch also includes focus on human rights.
Erik Brandstedt's Research profile

Lars J Nilsson is professor in Environmental and Energy Systems Studies at LTH. His research includes 25 years of experience in the fields of energy and environmental systems studies. His recent research has been on different aspects on low carbon transition policy strategies and governance in the context of multi-objective strategies for sustainable development. He has an extensive international network and was e.g. author and TS/SPN author of the 2011 IPCC SRREN and member of the Swedish delegation to several SPN approval plenaries.  
Lars J Nilsson's Research profile

Steven Sampson is professor emeritus in social anthropology at Lund University. He has done research on socialist bureaucracy and the post-socialist transition in Romania, and on civil society development, democracy export and NGOs in Southeastern Europe. His later research has focused on corruption and anticorruption, and the rise of the anticorruption 'industry' with its particular discourses and practices. He is presently writing up ethnographic research on ethics and compliance in the private sector, and how business ethics attempts to fight corruption and unethical practices.
Steven Sampson's Research profile