LU Case Day

the annual case day by LUCA – Lund University Case Academy

LUCA – Lund University Case Academy hosts the LU Case Day every year. LUCA was formed as a network across faculties in February 2012 to promote case-based student active learning. It was started by a group of teachers from the Faculty of Engineering LTH, School of Economics and Management (LUSEM) and the Faculty of Medicine, who share an interest in case-based methods. These include the Harvard case method, today used at LUSEM and the Faculty of Medicine, project-based learning, used in LTH, and problem-based learning used in the Faculty of Medicine.

Growing network

LUCA is interested in widening the participation in the network to more teachers and faculties at Lund University. LUCA organizes since 2014 a local conference each year, LU Case Day, to share experiences and contribute to the development of teaching and learning practices.


LU Case Day 20 April

We welcome you to the 10th LU Case Day with an exciting seminar on this topic: Case teaching and active learning in the mirror of ChatGPT – a threat or an opportunity?

The deadline for registration is 18 April.


Ulf Ramberg
Associate professor, senior lecturer
Phone: +46 46 222 49 60
Room: Alfa 5,6 rum B429

Ulf Ramberg