A student's perspective

Case teaching and learning in class

As a student, written cases call for preparations. A recommended approach is to go through the case briefly and then read it again more carefully, taking notes. The idea is to identify the key questions; that is, identify what you think the case is about. Later, in a study group, you discuss the case following an agreed-upon systematic approach.

Participating in a case discussion

The following suggestions apply to students in class:

  • If you are asked to open the case, provide a brief summary of what you think the case about (avoid providing your view on the solutions)
  • Take on the role assigned to you in the case (for example, the manager or a stakeholder)
  • Keep within the case timeline (even if you know “what happened later”)
  • Listen to what others have said and relate your comments to what has been said
  • Do not be shy
  • Raise your hand to signal that you would like to comment (if you do not get the opportunity, lower your hand)
  • Try to keep your comments short and to the point
  • Try to relate the discussion to other relevant situations
  • Argue for your point of view
  • Agree and disagree in a professional manner
  • Remember, you are among friends and that the “learning is in the classroom”