Acting as judge at a case competition

A case competition is dependent on judges willing to share their expertise, knowledge and professionalism. As a judge, you will have the opportunity to connect with committed students and fellow executives volunteering as judges.

Acting as a judge at a case competition and training events strengthens the partnership between academia and society, particularly in the world of business.

Relevant background and characteristics of a judge

  • Professional experience
  • Good listening skills
  • Ability to work within a multidisciplinary team of judges
  • Senior or middle-level managers with decision-making authority
  • Experienced consultants and advisors
  • Professionals with management experience
  • A student at heart

The role of a judge

  • To read the case beforehand (typically about 15 pages)
  • To take part in a judges’ briefing before the teams present (approximately 1 hour)
  • To listen to team presentations (25 minutes each)
  • To ask questions to the team after the presentation (15 minutes each)
  • To complete a short evaluation form
  • To provide comments to LUSEM faculty and recommend students

Acting as a judge

  • Act the role assigned to the judges (for example, member of the board)
  • Ask short and specific questions
  • Ask for clarification, if needed (this may be a way to help a team)
  • Remember that the team’s task is to solve the case
  • Provide suggestions for improvement to the teams and their individual participants


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Mats Urde