Mentorship Programme

for master students

A mentorship between a Master's student at LUSEM and a mentor. The mentorship spans November through May, with the goal of students and mentors discussing everything from career ideas and dreams, to fears and mistakes. The students will be challenged and inspired for their coming career journey through the guidance of a professional, and also build their personal network with other mentees and mentors. After the first kickoff meeting, our suggestion is for the mentor and mentee to meet up once a month. 

Becoming a mentor

Do you want to learn how to bring out the best in others, recognise strengths and weaknesses? How to be diplomatic while getting results? How to give sound advice and be supportive?

Mentoring can be equally as beneficial as it is fulfilling, as long as you take the time to reflect on your career journey and be open to share it with your mentee. As a mentor, you are both a leader and a role model for someone else, and that critical role often pushes you to strive for more, to be more helpful, and simply to be the best version of you.

Apply to become a mentor to a masters’ student

You can now apply to become a mentor; the programme runs from November - May. Click here to apply.

Good to know:

  • Your mentee will be a master’s student that may already have some prior job experience.
  • The Mentorship Programme runs from November – May. We generally recommend that the mentoring pair schedules a meeting once a month, whether it’s digital or in real life, that will be up to you.
  • You don’t have to live in Lund or Sweden to become a mentor. Digital mentoring is possible; however, CET is preferred to make it easier to schedule meetings with your mentee.

To become a mentor, you must:

  • Be an alum of a business school, preferably Lund University School of Economics and Management, but we also welcome alumni of other alma maters. 
  • A minimum experience of 3 years of work, in order to successfully lead your mentee.
  • Attend the Kick-Off on November 2 between 17:00 – 19:00, digitally or at LUSEM.

If you have any questions regarding the LUSEM Mentorship Programme, don’t hesitate to contact Alumni Coordinator Sara Sari.

Becoming a mentee (for students)

Do you want to get tips and tricks for how to stand out in a competitive job market, kickstart your professional development and discuss job possibilities? 

Apply now!