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Do you want to be the inspiration you needed when you were a student? Become a global digital ambassador to guide and inspire alumni, students and prospective students on their next steps.

Global Alumni Ambassador

We are looking for alumni to become part of our alumni ambassador team. As a global alumni ambassador you:

  • Share insights and stories from your career, as well as the transition from student life to work life.
  • Help and inspire alumni, student and prospective students from all over the world.
  • Are comfortable being featured as a digital ambassador on the School's channels. This could be social media, news pieces, films et cetera.
  • Help plan Alumni Afterwork in your city

Ambassadors will be contacted through LinkedIn by alumni, students or prospective students. Your profile will be featured on the LUSEM website with the following information:

  • Your current position and organisation
  • Studies at LUSEM
  • Interests outside of work

This information is featured so that alumni, students and prospective students can read and then choose to start a conversation based on careers and subjects they are interested in, which you can then respond to based on your personal experiences.

Required skills

  • Engaging and excited to share stories from your work life and the steps that took you there.
  • Excellent communications skills and the ability to establish friendly/professional relationships.
  • Organized and able to manage time and tasks independently and effectively.
  • Supportive, encouraging and non-judgemental.

Why become an ambassador?

"For me, being a LUSEM ambassador is a way of giving back the support I once received when I was a student in Lund myself.
It can feel overwhelming and bumpy to figure out a way into working life. So in my role as an ambassador I want to share my personal experiences and support current LUSEM students on their journey - and most importantly remind them of never losing the trust in themselves."

- Lara Enzingmüller, PUMA Group


Sara Sari
Alumni coordinator
Phone: +46 46 222 06 02, +46 73 807 15 23
Room: EC1:324

Sara Sari

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