Sustainable Future Hub at LUSEM

A collaboration hub active between 2019-2023

Students, researchers and external actors collaborated on issues of economic and social sustainability by catalyzing. Through the years, actors worked together to drive development in the area of sustainability.

Sustainability represents many of the greatest challenges of our time, which neither the individual, society nor country may solve single-handedly. Instead, they demand collective, global action and an openness and willingness to try new ideas and methods. In response to this, LUSEM established the Sustainable Future Hub in 2018 with the explicit purpose to gather some of society’s most important actors in a concerted pursuit towards a more sustainable future. The project manager was Martina Oxling.

Within the Sustainable Future Hub corporate leaders, students and researches met on equal terms to listen to, be inspired by and collaborate with each other to test new perspectives and solutions to today’s sustainability issues. By taking advantage of LUSEM’s unique access to the resourcefulness of business, the passionate drive of students and the insightfulness of academia, the Sustainable Future Hub represented an important voice and positive force within the contemporary sustainability debate.

Sustainable Future Hub was launched by Lund University School of Economics and Management in 2019 and is funded by Sparbanksstiftelsen Finn, owner of Sparbanken Skåne. The project is now closed. 
More about the bank and the foundations at (in Swedish)

Highlights from the Sustainable Future Hub

  • Industry engagement: 100 individuals from 70 different organizations personally engaged in transformation projects.  Several have been involved in more than one activity.
  • Student engagement: Of the 150 selected students, several were involved in more than one activity. The students represent all faculties of Lund University, and the majority are international. In addition, thousands of students have collectively participated in the various events.
  • Researcher/teacher engagement: 50. Sustainable Future Hub contributed to the development of their educational or research field, including researchers from other faculties at Lund University.
  • External publicity for the Sustainable Future Hub through hundreds of shares of articles and information about the project by external actors, students, researchers/teachers on LinkedIn.
  • Change Maker Future Track in Dagens Industri on February 8, 2022, as an example of how the School promotes sustainable development in an interview with Dean (2020-2023) Mats Benner.

Inspirational webinars

A series of webinars where researchers and industry met to discuss learnings. 
Find all eight episodes at the LUSEM youtube channel (  


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