The sustainability work at LUSEM


LUSEM’s approach to sustainability – including ecological, economic and social sustainability – is based on research at the School, as well as research in other disciplines. All students are exposed to the basic issues of sustainability of our society and the role of business. The School’s partners in business and the public sector are involved in mutually challenging collaboration on work towards the sustainability of their activities.

As a research-driven and comprehensive school of economics and management, LUSEM’s approach to engaging students in confronting, integrating and reflecting on issues related to ethics, responsibility and sustainability is anchored in academic work in fields such as corporate social responsibility, social innovation, social entrepreneurship, sustainable finance and behavioural economics. Being introduced to these issues early on is an important impetus for students to naturally adopt a responsible mind-set in their future roles as decision makers and experts. At LUSEM, we strive to integrate these issues in teaching on all levels from the introductory level to the PhD level.

The huge enthusiasm and interest that our students show for issues related to ethics, responsibility and sustainability are important to build upon in LUSEM’s endeavour to educate high-skilled change agents who will contribute to sustainable development and responsible business practices. While much of the core foundation has been in place for a number of years, recent developments include renewal of the educational offering, a number of large research projects centered around sustainability issues, and a major collaborative undertaking in the form of the Sustainable Future Hub.

At LUSEM we are strongly committed to conducting everyday activities in accordance with the standards that the School is founded upon and on the principles that our students are taught. This is an ongoing process and we are committed to continuous progress. In this process, we benefit greatly from our engagement with other business and management schools, nationally and internationally.

Last published: 2022-08-11