Senior Corporate Advisory Board

In order to make sure that the School has a “sounding board” of input from society and from the business sector at large, the School has a Senior Corporate Advisory Board. Most of the members are CEO’s or former CEO’s with vast international experience. Many of the members also represent companies that are involved in the School’s Corporate Partnership Programme.

Senior Corporate Advisory Board

Board members

Lars Ljungälv, Chair of the board

John Abrahamson

Eva Carlsvi

Anders Dahlvig

Gunilla Fransson

Jens Henriksson

Pia Kinhult

Kerstin Lindell

Jenny Lindén Urnes

Ebba Ljungerud

Stephan Müchler

Peter Nilsson

Dan Olofsson

Jan Sturesson

Johan Torgeby

Håkan Winberg

Honorary members

Fredrik Arp

Lennart Nilsson

Jan Söderberg



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Holger Crafoord Centre
Tycho Brahes väg 1, Lund

Postal address:
School of Economics and Management, Lund University
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Jeanette Ströberg
Unit administrator
Phone: +46 46-222 34 34