Honorary doctors

Doctoral degree ceremony - doktorspromotionen

The doctoral conferment ceremony is the major academic event of the year. Lund University has been holding doctoral degree conferment ceremonies since 1670. The ceremony is known as “promotion” in Swedish, from the Latin verb promovere, meaning to advance or to promote.

The conferring of doctoral degrees is a solemn ceremony where the University present the tokens of doctoral dignity to those who have obtained doctorates during the year, to honorary doctors, or doctor honoris causa, and those celebrating the 50th anniversary of their doctorate.

The ceremony is accompanied by pomp and circumstance, where the doctoral insignia; a diploma, ring, hat and laurel wreath, are presented at a ritual in the Lund Cathedral with orations in Latin.

Ever since the 1960s, honorary doctors have been appointed within the field of economics and management. We have awarded the honorary doctorate to the following distinguished friends throughout the years:

Martha Bailey, 2024
Anna Breman, 2024
​​​​​​​Anne McCants, 2023
Helga Nowotny, 2023
Jens Henriksson, 2022
Eric M. Runesson, 2021
Steven Ruggles, 2020
Tom Hedelius, 2020
Anders Dahlvig, 2019
Irvine Lapsley, 2019
Annika Winsth, 2018
Dorothy Elliott Leidner, 2018
Cristina Stenbeck, 2017
Christopher Humphrey, 2017
Eva Liljeblom, 2016
Peter Nilsson, 2016
Jenny Lindén Urnes, 2015
James Vaupel, 2015
Alvin E. Roth, 2014
John-Christopher Spender, 2014
John Abrahamson, 2013
Victor Nee, 2013
Hugh Willmott, 2012
Charles Schewe, 2012
Sten K. Johnson, 2012
Claudia Goldin, 2011
Constance E. Bagley, 2011
Edward I. Altman, 2011
Bo Lundgren, 2010
Christian W. Jansson, 2010
Johan A. Knif, 2010
Jan Söderberg, 2009
Barry R. Chiswick, 2009
Robert Scapens, 2009
Inga-Britt Ahlenius, 2008
Peter Lorange, 2008
Clas Wihlborg, 2008
John Dunning, 2007
Ben J.M. Terra, 2007
Fredrik Arp, 2006
David Hendry, 2006
Jan Wallander, 2006
Robert W. Fogel, 2005
Rolf Färe, 2005
Tuve Johannesson, 2005
Ronald D Lee, 2004
Olof Stenhammar, 2004
Göran Grosskopf, 2003
Hitoshi Hashimoto, 2003
Hans-Emil Pålsson, 2001
Ulf G Lindén, 1999
Richard Easterlin, 1998
Arthur Stonehill, 1998
Jay Barney, 1997
Lennart Nilsson, 1997
Bruno Latour, 1996
Christer Denrell, 1995
Michael Bromwich, 1993
Karl-Erik Sahlberg, 1992
Lars O Andersson, 1990
Nathan Rosenberg, 1990
Henry Mintzberg, 1989
Erik Dahmén, 1988
Margareta Holgersdotter Dahlberg, 1987
Alf Lüning, 1986
Valborg Ryde och Sven Ryde, 1985
Hans Cavalli-Björkman, 1984
C West Churchman, 1983
Ingvar Kamprad, 1983
Axel Leijonhufvud, 1983
Stefan Dedijer, 1982
Hans Rausing, 1979
Frank Harary, 1978
Alan Williams, 1977
Carsten Welinder, 1975
Börje Langefors, 1975
Herbert Simon, 1968

Anne McCants, 2023
Anders Dahlvig, 2019
Annika Winsth, 2018
Image of Alvin E. Roth. Photo: Charlotte Carlberg Bärg
Professor Al Roth, 2014
Professor JC Spender, 2014
Bo Lundgren, 2010
Clas Wihlborg, Inga-Britt Ahlenius and Peter Lorange 2008.