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Research project

FuturElight is a Smart City idea that explores the opportunities for urban systems and citizens’ quality of life. Europe today, is a laboratory of distributed experimentation targeting sustainable innovation and new development models. The European Union has identified Smart Cities and Industry 4.0 as the two key strategies of these efforts. These two strategies share the idea that high technologies and digitalization put us at the edge of a new world of opportunities; the Industry 4.0 idea explores the many opportunities for business. 

FuturLight provides a maintained, robust & reliable infrastructure of communicating decentralized intelligent (sensor-)nodes, using street lighting poles as carrier.
- The intelligent nodes are able to act on sensor data in the network.
- Data is communicated to cloud application for user interfacing and analysis. Updated algorithms are provided to the nodes to induce smarter behavior of the system.
- The first application is to provides smart street lighting, focusing on comfort, and safety, while saving energy


Paul Pierce
Senior lecturer
Room: EC2-225

Paul Pierce