Department of Informatics

Lund University School of Economics and Management

List of accepted papers


Business, people, and systems

Capability Modeling: Initial Experiences
George Bravos, Tania González, Jānis Grabis, Martin Henkel, Lauma Jokste, Hasan Koc and Janis Stirna

IT outsourcing relationships in Swedish public organizations
Ilir Celaj and Lazar Rusu

On the situated nature of designing knowledge work supports systems
Niclas Eberhagen

Level of Detail and Understandability of Enterprise Models – Better understandability through higher complexity?
Birger Lantow

Performance Modeling for Collaborative Enterprises: Review and Discussion
Barbara Livieri and Mario Bochicchio

Information Overload: A Systematic Literature Review
Peter Melinat, Tolja Kreuzkam, and Dirk Stamer

Developing IT-Enabled Dynamic Capabilities: A Service Science Approach
Patrick Mikalef

Open Sustainability Innovation - A Pragmatic Standpoint of Sustainable HCI
Moyen Mohammad Mustaquim and Tobias Nyström

Proactive Recommendation System for m-Tourism Application
Alexander Smirnov, Alexey Kashevnik, Andrew Ponomarev, Nikolay Shilov and Nikolay Teslya

What Capability is Not
Anders Tell

Business and information systems development

Analysis of Agile Software Development from the Knowledge Transformation Perspective
Ilia Bider

Supporting Evolving Organizations: IS Development Methodology Goals
George Bravos, Jānis Grabis, Martin Henkel, Lauma Jokste and Jānis Kampars

Consistency Issues in Large Business Process Model Environment, a Case Study
Tomas Bruckner, Vaclav Repa and Dusan Chlapek

Supporting Introduction of Social interaction in Business Processes
Roberts Cerenkovs and Marite Kirikova

Generic Components for BPMN Specifications
Peter Forbrig

Contract Design and Uncertainty in Software Development Projects
Cornelia Gaebert

Assessing Aspect Oriented Approaches in Business Process Management
Amin Jalali

Aspect Mining in Business Process Management
Amin Jalali

Discovering Metric Temporal Business Constraints from Event Logs
Fabrizio Maria Maggi

Generating a Business Model Canvas through Elicitation of Business Goals and Rules from Process-level Use Cases
Carlos Salgado, Juliana Teixeira, Ricardo Machado and Rita Maciel

How to identify the relevant elements of “context” in Context-aware Information Systems?
Kurt Sandkuhl and Ulrike Borchardt

Identifying Best Practices in Business Process Management using Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process
Nazli Shahim and Charles Muller

Contextualized evaluation of business informatics

Customer Oriented Management of Changes in ERP Systems: The Vendor's Side
Erika Asnina, Mara Pudane, Marika Svike and Gundars Alksnis

Evaluating the Application of Interactive Classification System in University Study Course Comparison
Ilze Birzniece, Peteris Rudzajs and Diana Kalibatiene

Information Standards enabling or constraining Innovative Hospital Facilities? - A Scandinavian case
Christian Koch, Kim Jacobsen and Anita Moum

Extending a Metamodel for Formalization of Data Warehouse Requirements
Natalija Kozmina and Laila Niedrite

Combining work process models to identify training needs in the prehospital care process
Eva Söderström, Joeri van Laere, Per Backlund and Hanna Maurin Söderholm