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BIR 2014


Theme:  Making a smarter difference with ICT

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) plays an increasingly important role in organisations, inter-organisational networks, society and individuals' daily life. Business activities are dependent on software systems operating in dynamic and often unpredictably changing business environments. From this perspective of ICTs role in making a smarter difference with ICT, Business Informatics Research is essential. Hence, the theme for the BIR 2014 conference is making a smarter difference with ICT.

The conference focuses on making businesses, people and systems interoperable and adaptive in highly interconnected and changing contexts. Specifically, the conference also welcomes contributions that concern evaluating and demonstrating all aspects of benefits of information systems in the light of their costs.

Research contributions for the conference will be on aspects of and future directions in Business Informatics Research with respect to the abovementioned theme of interoperability and adaptation, as well as on exploring scientifically the practical aspects and establishing empirically grounded analyses of business cases in order to provide a better evaluation to the applications of ICT in industry. Contributions from both ongoing research and implications for future directions are welcome.

BIR 2014 is organised by the Department of Informatics, Lund School of Economics and Management (LUSEM), Lund University (LU), Sweden.

Accepted conference papers will be published in Springer LNBIP.

The best accepted workshop and doctoral consortium papers will have a chance to be published in post-conference proceeding in Springer LNBIP.

The BIR conference series create a forum where researchers in business informatics, seniors as well as juniors, could meet and discuss with each other. The BIR 2014 conference welcomes papers from all over the world. We accept original papers of the following types: full research papers, research-in-progress papers, industrial papers. Traditionally in the frame of the BIR conference, Doctoral Consortium and workshops will also take place at BIR 2014. 



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