Department of Informatics

Lund University School of Economics and Management

PhD courses

in informatics and information systems

PhD courses given by the Department are open for students admitted to the PhD programme, to PhD students within the Research School Management and IT (MIT) and to external PhD students.

Research in Information Systems and Informatics

The course focuses on how different approaches, methodologies, and methods can be used in information systems research and introduces the students to the scholarly literature in information systems.

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Design Science Research in Information Systems

The course focuses on the application and use of design science research in information systems.

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Emerging Topics in Information Systems

The IS academic community emphasizes both rigor and relevance. In order to keep up its relevance, core research topics in IS also continually change, mapping to the current trends in technologies. This course is designed to help participants gain an understanding of the most recent topics and trends in IS research.

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Theory and Philosophy of Social Media

The course focuses on critical readings of social media. It emphasizes on developing knowledge of social media that is rooted in classical philosophical traditions.

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Christina Keller