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Start of semester and introduction meetings

Information for students admitted to courses and programmes in Information Systems.

Registration on courses or programmes in informatics

To start your studies, you need to complete three steps:

  1. Accept you seat on (does not apply to exchange students)
  2. Complete registration in Ladok within the deadline
  3. Attend the mandatory introduction meeting and roll call (or notify if unable to be present)

These three steps are mandatory in order to keep your seat on the course. If not followed you will loose your seat and it will be given to the student next in line.

Student account

Your student account is created when you are registered as admitted to Lund University. This happens a few days after you have received the second admission notification. The information will be sent to you, but it is also possible to retreive the information at Passport (change language and go via

The student account is used, among other things, to log in to Ladok and Canvas.

If you have previously studied at Lund University, you already have a student account that you will use. 

Activate your student account

Make sure your email address is correct on, so that you can be contacted. Make sure that you have an email address that is used in Ladok. Use the student email address as it is more secure. 

Information about your student account


You must register in Ladok, where you will find the courses you are admitted to. If you are a new student at Lund University, you must first activate your student account as described above.

Information about the exact dates for registration will be given when the invitation to the introductory meeting is sent out. If you have not received any introduction information at least one week before the start of the semester, please contact

Losing access to your course areas in Canvas may be a sign that you have not registered, as these are closed to non-registered students on the Thursday before the start of the semester.

NOTE! If you do not register in time, you will lose your seat and it will be allocated to a reserve instead.

Unable to register?

If you have been conditionally admitted or if you are unable to register for any other reason, you should contact the Education Administration at before the registration period has expired.

Information about eligibility for the course you have applied for can be found in the course syllabus, which can be found on the course website.

Canvas - learning platform

LUSEM uses the Canvas learning platform for information and communication.

You log in to Canvas with your student account.

Here you will find, for example, schedule, instructions, lecture materials, exercise assignments, deadlines and contact information for teachers and administrative staff.

Canvas student guide

Schedule and introduction meetings

You will find information on introduction meetings, schedules and other course related information on the course portal Canvas,

Introduction meetings are mandatory!

If you cannot attend the introduction meeting, please inform in order to keep your seat on the course.

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