Department of Informatics

Lund University School of Economics and Management


A recent study from the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise shows that almost 90 percent of graduates who study Information Systems or Computer Science at Lund University have qualified jobs within six months after graduating. In general, Information Systems and Computer Technology are among the top five categories for all of the following: best chance of employment, highest wage and most qualified position.

Our graduates work in many different areas since our subject is broad – it's the systematic organisation of data which carries information, in order to increase knowledge in companies and organisations.

People are always the focus of our efforts to define, design and create integrated solutions that use the best combination of ICT methods and tools for each situation.

The education also prepares the student for PhD studies, functioning as a entry point for a career in higher education and research.

Professional titles

The professionals titles of information systems alumni vary a great deal, but some are IT consultant, Systems Developer, Systems Designer, IT-architect, Systems Architect, and IT Project Manager.

Regardless of the label, the education focuses on understanding the needs and requirements of the customer/user, analysing and designing, transferring specifications to systems constructors and programmers, but also on running projects within specified budgets.