Department of Business Law

Lund University School of Economics and Management

Specialization Areas

For students pursuing a Bachelor or Masters program in Business Law, specialization courses are offered in four different areas, constituting 80 points in Business Law:

Commercial and Marketing Law

This option provides students a general education in Business Law, in particular, Contract Law and Fundamentals of Civil Law. Students can further opt to take courses in EC Law, IT Law, Intellectual Property Law, Environmental Law, Commercial Contract Law and Negotiations, etc.

Tax Law

This alternative targets students opting for a career in the tax field. Courses offered within this area of specialization include Corporate Taxation, EC Tax Law and European Indirect Taxation.

Corporate and Marketing Law

Students interested in a career in Accountancy and Auditing or an in depth understanding of legal issues pertaining to corporations may opt for specialization within this area. Courses include Corporate Law, Accounting and Auditing Law, etc. Obligatory courses for students interested in pursuing professional qualifications as authorized accountants are offered within this area of specialization.

Labour Law

For students interested in working with legal issues pertaining to human resources or labour law, the Department offers a variety of courses in this area. Examples include: International and Comparative Labour Law, Application of Labour Law, etc.