Department of Business Law

Lund University School of Economics and Management

Postgraduate Research Education

Postgraduate research education provides successful candidates career opportunities within the University. Other possibilities include consultancy work and research positions in the public sector as well as in trade and industry.

Postgraduate Research Program

The Department offers a four-year postgraduate research program where successful candidates are awarded titles Doctor of Law or Philosophy. Candidates have an option of taking a Licentiate of Law or Philosophy exam two years into the program.

The four-year program comprises one year of course work and three years of research, resulting in a doctoral dissertation. The Licentiate exam requires half year of course work and one and a half years of research, after which candidates present a Licentiate dissertation.

Within this period, candidates are expected to hold a number of obligatory seminars as required by the Department.

Admissions and Financing

The Research Committee of the Department reviews all candidates in each intake and make a decision based on the applicant's qualifications.

Applicants are required to enclose the following documents:

• CV and certified copies of transcripts

• Project plan (approximately 15 pages) describing the purpose, theoretical framework and how the project may be related to previous research

• Summary of the proposed project (maximum 200 words)

• Proposed time schedule

• Previous academic publications, dissertations and individual assignments

In the selection process, consideration will be given to the expected ability of applicants to utilize the research education provided. Due to limited vacancies and strong competition, applicants should be prepared to seek external financing, e.g., scholarships, to fund their research project.