Department of Business Law

Lund University School of Economics and Management


The Department of Business Law at Lund University offers education within a range of specializations in the field of business law.

The Department of Business law at Lund University offers education at the bachelor, master and doctoral level. Most of the courses are taught in Swedish, and some are offered within a program in cooperation with another faculty or department at the University; the Department runs, for example, mandatory and elective courses in the Bachelor of Human Resource Development and Labour Relations Program and the Bachelor in Business and Economics program. Many of the courses can, however, be taken as independent courses. The Department employs a practical approach in its teaching methodologies to adequately prepare students for the job market after their studies.

Courses at the Department fall within one or more broad areas of specialization: general business law, tax law, auditing and law, and labour law.

General Business Law

The law and legal regulations are an important part of the business sector. Classes in general business law give students knowledge and skills in civil law, company law, market law and contract law. This knowledge is essential for those aiming at working in areas such as contract negotiation, corporate transfers, financing, corporate leadership, media and advertising, and management of companies’ intellectual property, just to name a few. A general business law education can open the door to many exciting careers.

Auditing and law

Laws and regulations are an important component in the work of an auditor. To qualify as an authorized auditor with the Swedish Inspectorate of Auditors, students are required to complete the Introductory Course in Business Law, Tax Law and Law and Auditing - courses taught at the Department of Business Law and compulsory in the auditing specialization in the Bachelor in Business and Economics Program. The Department has a long history of educating Swedish auditors.

Tax Law

Taxation has become an issue of increasing importance for businesses big and small. Courses in tax law offer students a deeper understanding of tax law, especially within business and corporate taxation, and prepare students for careers within auditing, tax consulting, financial management and within the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket). The Department offers both independent courses at the undergraduate level and the Master’s Programme in European and International Tax Law.

Labour law

Companies’ personnel has increasingly become one of their most important resources. Courses in labour law offer students the chance to delve into issues such as employee participation in the workplace, collective agreements, work environment and employee rehabilitation. Labour law specialization is relevant for those looking to work with human resources management in the private and public sectors. Labour law courses are offered as a specialization within the Bachelor of Human Resource Development and Labour Relations Program and as independent courses.


Anneli Carlsson
Lecturer, director of studies
Phone: +46 46 222 42 52
Room: EC2-361