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The Department of Business Law, Lund University School of Economics and Management

The Department of Business Law is one of six departments at Lund University School of Economics and Management.

Business law is a legal discipline focused on the norms and rules that impact the business sector, both nationally in Sweden and internationally. Business law regulates companies’ operations and is an umbrella term covering the braches of law that are especially important for businesses. This covers, for example, contract law, corporate law, tax law, labour law, intellectual property law and competition law. Education in business law puts legal regulations in a corporate perspective and give students the knowledge and tools to use regulations as a strategic instrument in reaching desirable solutions to business problems. This way of working with regulations is commonly called “Law and Management”.

In today’s complex society, with an abundance of regulations that can both hinder and nurture both businesses and society at large, it is vital that qualified decision-making is backed up by a comprehensive knowledge of current regulations and the ability to interpret and apply those rules in a correct manner. Legal knowledge is today not only something that lawyers require – anyone in a position of authority must be able to handle, negotiate and argue in relation to the legal framework governing the sector in which they conduct business or make decisions. This is why the Department employs a practical approach to teaching methodology, diminishing the gap between theory and practice.  

Whether you work as a CEO, HR manager, auditor, international negotiator, municipal planner, small business owner or within health care, an ability to handle regulations in a strategic and competent manner is essential, and this is what is taught within the discipline of business law.


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