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Study portal

In Canvas you can find information on all our courses and programmes. Here you find course material, syllabus, news and other information related to your courses/programme.

Course administration

Our course administrators answer questions about all practical issues such as questions about schedule, groups, reserve places and registration. You can contact them via email or visit them. You find all course administrators in EC1 on the first floor.

Master coordinator

Questions of eligibility, admission, administration, etc. can be answered by our master coordinators.

Master administration

The course administrators answers questions concerning practical issues such as schedule, groups and registration. Contact here.

Exams office

At the Exams office you can pick up your exams. In the Exams office works Tomas Sjö.

Opening hours:
Mondays at 10.30 - 12.30.

Reception at EC1

The reception desk in the Atrium in EC1 at the main entrence can help you with official transcripts, finding your way at the School of Economics and Management, your STiL account and help with schedules. In the Compendium store you can buy course materials, card to printers, note books etc.

Common access card

If you use our facilities after 6 pm you might need to identify yourself with a common access card. You can not use this to identify yourself at examinations. To read more about the card and how to get it, see Lund University access card.

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Master coordinator
Victor Bärring
Room: EC1:210

Master coordinator
Tove Karnerud
Room: EC1:207

Master coordinator
Pernilla Honoré
Room: EC1:228

Academic director of studies
Caroline Hellström
Room: EC1:217