Department of Business Administration

Lund University School of Economics and Management


Marketing manager, production manager, sales director, auditor, controller, business advisor, finance director, financier, innovator........

These are some of the titels your can get with a Degree in Business Administration, a subject of great amplitude. We offer you an education which can lead to exciting future career opportunities, both in the private and the public sector.

Studies in Finance prepare you for a qualified and international career in the financial field, both in the private and the public sector.

Studies in Marketing prepare you for qualified work as a marketing manager, a salesman, a consultant or a leader within most companies and organizations, advertising agencies, and many more. It  also gives good knowledge to work in different staff functions and commissions of inquiry.

Studies in Organization prepare you for qualified work within the field of Human Resource, leadership, consulting and as a team member. The studies promote active leadership in the private sector, the public sector and in different organizations.

Studies in Accounting prepare you for qualified work within administrative departments, accounting and auditing.

Supervisory Board of Public Accountants

Strategic Management
Studies within Strategic Management look at different aspects of business strategy and financial analysis. It focuses on business leadership and how a business become successful. It also looks at different aspects of organization theory, marketing and management accounting.

Entrepreneurship is about how to detect or identify new business opportunities and how to develop these into something of great value to the customer. This demands creativity and develop the students ability to look at new opportunities and the financial strength.

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