Department of Business Administration

Lund University School of Economics and Management


The study of entrepreneurship has become one of the most popular fields of research in the area of management over the last few decades. New and small businesses are seen collectively by politicians and decision-makers as the main contributors to the development of the economy and wealth creation in society.

Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship conducts internationally renowned research within the fields of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Read more about the different research fields of entrepreneurship and innovation at the Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship webpages.


Deputy Head of Department,
research area Entrepreneurship

Craig Mitchell

Ester Barinaga
Diamanto Politis

Professor emeritus
Hans Landström

Associate professors
Anna Brattström
Joakim Winborg

Senior lecturers
Ziad El-Awad
Marie Löwegren

Jörgen Adolfsson
Solomon Akele Abebe
Håkan Lagerquist
Craig Mitchell

Johannes Gartner
Jiejie Lyu
Andrea Porras-Paez
Zahida Sarwary

Doctoral students
Camilla Civardi
Hassan Hamadi
João Maria Jorge
Juan Ocampo
Kalyan Pasumarthy
Niaz Patwary
Christin Scheller
Marina Vorholzer

Guest researchers
Gry Alsos, Nord University
Luke Pittaway, Ohio University

Affiliated researcher
Frédéric Delmar, EM Lyon