Department of Business Administration

Lund University School of Economics and Management

Accounting and Finance

The accounting and corporate finance research covers a broad field from management accounting and control, financial accounting, financial communication and sustainability reporting to corporate governance, corporate financing, corporate risk management and investor relations. Current research covers a broad palette of topics:

  • Implementation and use of management controls in private and public organisations
  • Public sector reforms and implications for governance
  • Performance measurement and management
  • Approaches to control, incentives, motivation and performance in public sector organisations
  • Audit and feedback for learning and accountability in public sector organisations
  • Effects of corporatization and cooperation for governance and accounting in the public sector
  • Choices of accounting methods and policies
  • Public sector accounting
  • Financial information and communication
  • Tax risks, transparency and accountability
  • Accounting in tax litigation
  • Accounting, regulation and institutions
  • Contemporary issues in accounting and auditing
  • Accounting history
  • Auditing and accounting in the digital era
  • Norms, values, and institutions in accounting and corporate governance
  • Financial systems and regulation
  • Corporate finance and financial constraints
  • Corporate governance and executive remuneration
  • Risk management and enterprise risk management
  • Sustainable financing and corporate ownership
  • Sustainability reporting and assurance
  • Sustainable finance and transition finance
  • Sustainability related public policies and private initiatives related to accounting/disclosure/reporting
  • Biodiversity accounting
  • Sustainability transformation of policymaking, industry and the financial system


Deputy Head of Department,
research area Accounting and finance

Anna Glenngård

Anders Anell
Karin Jonnergård

Professors emeriti
Olof Arwidi
Lars Oxelheim

Associate professors
Susanne Arvidsson
Elias Bengtsson
Elin Funck
Anna Glenngård

Senior lecturers
Göran Anderson
Niclas Andrén
Johan Dergård
Maria Gårdängen
Mattias Haraldsson
Liesel Klemcke
Reda Moursli
Niklas Sandell
Amanda Sonnerfeldt

Marco Bianco

Per Arvidson
Jörgen Carlsson
Anamaria Cociorva
Alexander Hedlund
Caroline Hellström
Micael Jönsson

Doctoral students
Van Cao
Nick Christie
Jennifer Emsfors
Linda Erwe
Kristina Frid
Andreea Neagu
Erik Schultz

Affiliated researcher
Wenjun Wen