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Stipends for PhD studies

Stipends for PhD studies at the Department of Business Administration

1–2 PhD candidates in Business Administration, specifically Strategy and Finance, with a focus on sustainable development within industry, public agencies and the financial market

Lund University School of Economics and Management (LUSEM) and the Faculty of Engineering (LTH) establish a joint center for sustainable enterprises and sustainable development: SSCEN. A rapid transformation of businesses and industry, facilitated by government policy, is necessary in the next 5–10 years to reach climate, biodiversity and other sustainability goals. It entails changes in production and consumption, increased resource efficiency and circularity, new sectoral couplings, value-chains, and business models. Change is expected at different levels, from strategic re-orientation in individual companies to large parts of the financial system, and from changes in consumer preferences to international environmental, climate and trade policy. To develop new knowledge and address these challenges the research is broad, interdisciplinary, and aimed at finding solutions. It is shaped and undertaken in close collaboration with businesses, the public sector, and other actors. SSCEN is led by five senior researchers from LUSEM and LTH and initially 4 PhD students and several post-docs will be recruited.

Vacant positions, the Faculty of Engineering (LTH), Lund University:

  • 1 PhD student in Transformative Innovation (link to be added)
  • 1 PhD student in Technology and society – solutions and policy for sustainable materials use (link to be added)

Vacant positions, Department of Business Administration at LUSEM:

  • 1–2 four-year full-time PhD student positions in Business Administration, within the field of finance and/or strategy with a focus on industry, public authorities and the financial market.

Start date: 1 September 2022
Application deadline: 10 August 2022

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Being a PhD student

If appointed to a PhD position, you will be admitted to the PhD programme in Business Administration, a four-year programme for a doctoral degree. The doctoral degree consists of two parts, courses (90 ECTS credits) and a thesis (150 ECTS credits). As a PhD student you will mainly be working with your research project, but you can also be given more general tasks at the department, e.g. teaching, research or administrative work, in accordance with the regulations. Rules for employment as a PhD student are stated in The Higher Education Ordnance (SFS 1998:80), Chapter 5.