Department of Business Administration

Lund University School of Economics and Management

Management and cooperation at the department


The department is led by the Head of Department, and a department board. The head of department is chairman of the board.

The Department Board (IS – Institutionsstyrelsen) consists of six representatives from the teaching and research staff, a representative from the administrative staff, two student representatives and one representative from the PhD programme. Adjoint with right to free speak are directors of studies, the health and safety representative and the administrative manager. 

The management team consists of the Head of Department, Deputy Heads of Department, the Director of PhD programme, the Academic Director of Studies and the Administrative Manager.

Preparatory and advisory boards are:

  • The Council for education at undergraduate and graduate level (NUGA – Nämnden för utbildning på grund- och avancerad nivå), which is led by the academic director of studies.
  • The Research and PhD Education Committee (FFUN – Forsknings- och forskarutbildningsnämnden), which is led by the director of research and PhD studies.


The Department of Business administration works in close cooperation with the Centre for Retail Research, the Knut Wicksell Centre for Financial Studies and Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship. Within the municipal economic area the cooperation is conducted mainly within KEFU (Council for municipal economic research and education in Skåne).

There are several research groups within the department, e.g. Lund Brand Management Group and Lund University Accounting Academy, which arrange networking events, research seminars etc. within their fields for external partners, researchers and students. The school's Corporate Partnership Foundation works with the establishment of long-term partnerships with companies and public sector organisations.


Head of Department
Niclas Andrén
046-222 95 04

Director of Research and PhD Programme
Jens Rennstam
046-222 43 49

Academic Director of Studies
Caroline Hellström
046-222 78 18

Head of office (course administration)
Mårten Sommelius
046-222 80 31