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New Venture Teams in an Entrepreneurship Process

Research programme

Programme Director: Anna Brattström

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New Venture Teams


Introduction to research programme

The purpose of program is to study how new venture teams (NVTs) progress from inception by their founding members’ through the entrepreneurship process to established firms with lasting value to the economy and society. The novel aspects in our study are the emphasis on team cognition, psychological, and social processes constructs within NVTs, which we bring in from neighboring literatures of organizational behavior and industrial and organizational psychology. For example, mental models (content, structure, and accuracy), interpersonal communication processes (debate and conflict about the task), goal generation and goal striving (team processes), as predictors of both proximal and distal outcomes.
In addition, we look into alternative explanations of NVT performance: innovative content of venture ideas, team composition, and available resources—the capitals: human, social, and financial—as predictors of team process and outcomes, such as business gestation activities, which in turn shape more distal outcomes, such as firm survival, sales and employment growth. We do considerable construct development work on proximal outcomes, proposing a number of new interim outcome measures of NVT performance—stakeholder approval of and lead user satisfaction with the nascent product/service —which are observable long before more traditional distal outcome measures.
The research will be done in Sweden. We are planning to construct a longitudinal panel with and accelerated timesequential design focusing on new venture teams aged between 0 and 5 years followed intensively for about two years, and then followed less intensively for another three—distal outcomes only. We aim at a pilot study of about 20 NVTs and a main study of further 100. All teams are sampled from the knowledge intensive sector university incubators and science parks.
The pilot study will start in January-February 2016, and the main study will commence during the autumn 2016.
Our group has experience in leading research and publishing papers in these disciplines. In addition, we add to practical knowledge of how entrepreneurs in teams behave to develop new entrepreneurial activities. Such insights are also valuable for policy makes. Ultimately, we hope our research will assist in supporting the growth of profitable and independent ventures in Sweden.



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If you need more information about the study please contact:
Pamela Nowell (Chalmers) 

Research Funding

This research project is funded by: 

Handelsbanken (2 million krona granted in 2015 for 2016-2018 period)

Ragnar Söderbergs stiftelse (6.8 million krona granted in 2016 for 2016-2020)