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2021-12-14 Mats Lundqvist and Karen Williams Middleton recipients of EEEA 2022
2021-11-22 Gustav Hägg and Jasna Pocek receive best paper award
2021-06-23 Summer reading - enjoy our latest publications on entrepreneurship and innovation!
2021-06-16 Our opening hours during the summer 2021
2021-06-09 Anna Brattström received the runner up for the ”best paper award”
2021-05-03 Are You our next PhD student in Entrepreneurship?
2021-04-21 Two dissertations coming up May 19 and 21
2021-04-19 Thesis defence coming up: Three questions for Anna Stevenson
2021-04-06 Interview with alumni company Nordgröna in Sydsvenskan
2021-03-05 Meet our new Postdoc Johannes Gartner!
2021-02-05 Meet our new Postdoc Zahida Sarwary!
2021-02-04 Alumnus helps business ideas become reality in São Paulo
2021-01-27 Master's programme in Entrepreneurship and Innovation is top 5 in Sweden 2021!
2021-01-14 Workshops coming up on accelerating growth in your life science company
2020-12-21 Winter reading - enjoy our latest publications!
2020-12-14 Our opening hours during the holidays
2020-12-14 Slavica Singer recipient of EEEA 2021
2020-11-17 Former Master’s students finalists in the national thesis competition Nytt&Nyttigt!
2020-11-05 Mentors make students grow as entrepreneurs and people
2020-10-22 Sustainability met entrepreneurship in a joint session
2020-10-16 Better policies can support refugee entrepreneurship
2020-09-24 New article published on the development of research on pedagogy in entrepreneurial education
2020-08-31 Welcome Ioana and Paola, our new Postdocs!
2020-06-26 How to become an entrepreneur in a week - The value of 7-day entrepreneurship courses
2020-06-23 Summer reading - enjoy our latest publications!
2020-06-09 Master's students awarded at Graduation 2020
2020-05-26 Our opening hours during the summer 2020
2020-05-12 Generous donation to Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship from Tibia Konsult AB and the Sten K Johnson Foundation
2020-05-08 Wicked problems require wicked solutions
2020-04-27 New insight reports published on public innovation
2020-04-21 Research update on Entrepreneurial Intention and Action among Refugees across Europe
2020-04-14 Student entrepreneurs want to help make the Swedish harvest possible this year
2020-03-20 New pod cast episode out with our PhD student Juan Ocampo
2020-03-02 New PhD course on Digital Monies for a Sustainable Future
2020-01-13 Professor Allan Gibb has passed away
2019-12-17 David Rae recipient of EEEA 2020
2019-12-12 Distrust and hope characterise innovation collaborations
2019-12-09 Our opening hours during the holidays
2019-12-06 We are looking for an entrepreneurship researcher!
2019-12-05 Get to know Johan Wiklund, our new guest Professor!
2019-10-23 Ester Barinaga in the new issue of entré
2019-10-08 Applications to the NICE programme now open!
2019-09-12 Meet our new PhD students Camilla, Kalyan and Juan!
2019-06-26 Enjoy our latest publications!
2019-06-13 The action professor: “Researchers must create sustainable alternatives to the market economy“
2019-06-11 A policy brief on the Kenyan community currencies published by the Swedish Institute for Local Democracy
2019-05-27 Family entrepreneurship in the food industry when Barilla visited the centre
2019-05-16 Welcome Agnieszka and Kristina, visiting associate professor and PhD student!
2019-05-13 Key learning outcomes from The Barcamper study “Entrepreneurial Learning in Acceleration Programs”
2019-05-08 UN's Sustainable Development Goals starting point for a new entrepreneurship course
2019-04-08 Staff news - a new Professor and a new post-doc
2019-03-25 Boxed Fruits the overall winner at Dragons at the University 2019!
2018-12-21 Ulla Hytti praised for her contributions
2018-12-20 How can we make our research interesting?
2018-07-10 Enjoy our latest publications!
2018-06-19 Workshop and seminar on The Global Value Chains knowledge platform
2018-06-12 Working paper published on the effects of immigration on economic growth
2018-05-28 Congratulations Gustav Hägg to your Doctoral conferment 25th of May!
2018-05-14 Welcome Bachir and Alberto, visiting PhD students!
2018-05-02 New staff at Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship
2018-05-02 NICE project update: virtual experience and summer school
2018-05-02 Mid seminar presented on Entrepreneurial Learning in Technology-Based Ventures
2018-04-04 Meet the winners of the Dragons at the University 2018!
2018-04-04 Challenges with innovation partnership
2018-03-29 Meet Timur Absalyamov!
2018-03-27 Prince Daniel’s Entrepreneurship Day
2018-03-27 Asymmetric voting right = bad for the family company
2018-03-26 The role of trust in inter-organisational relationships 
2018-02-27 The social structure of entrepreneurship as a scientific field
2018-02-22 Critical perspectives awarded
2018-02-02 Network support for the commercialization of water innovations benefits society
2018-01-03 Who knows best? How important is external knowledge when it comes to new venture innovation? 
2017-12-22 Entrepreneurial education requires both action and reflection
2017-12-20 Book release!
2017-12-19 Students are creating tomorrow’s society
2017-12-06 Ten years of collaboration for sustainable business development
2017-11-28 The environmental impact on entrepreneurial learning
2017-11-24 International audience discussed the relevance in entrepreneurship research
2017-11-22 Award winners!
2017-11-08 How do we make use of our ecosystem?
2017-10-20 Lund as innovation destination
2017-09-20 How to measure innovation
2017-09-15 Impact of Ph.D. training
2017-09-12 Best paper award
2017-06-30 Learning processes in new ventures
2017-06-28 Outstanding students rewarded
2017-01-27 Most applied for entrepreneurship programme
2017-01-20 Five years of entrepreneurship – to be continued
2017-01-19 Record number of applicants for autumn 2017 studies
2016-12-16 Colette Henry winner of European Entrepreneurship Education Award 2017
2016-12-15 Immigration and entrepreneurship
2016-11-18 Form of business organization important in economic analysis
2016-10-31 The role of the business angel
2016-10-20 3,8 million funding to entrepreneurship researchers
2016-09-18 The importance of reflective thought in education
2016-07-01 Sweden´s entrepreneurial eco-system
2016-06-27 Strengthen the incitements for collaboration
2016-06-03 Succesful students awarded
2016-06-02 Project to support young entrepreneurs recieves funding
2016-04-21 Paul Hannon recieves European Entrepreneurship Education Award 2016
2016-03-18 Nattaro Labs - moving forward
2016-03-17 How are companies strategizing in networks, and what is the link between networks strategies to different effects?
2016-03-17 New scholarship for students in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
2016-02-24 Professor Paul Hannon will recieve the European Entrepreneurship Education Award
2015-12-10 Entrepreneurship alumni wins Venture Cup regional finals!
2015-11-23 Successful crowd funding- campaign by previous Master´s students
2015-11-04 What makes entrepreneurship research interesting?
2015-10-27 Eco friendly soap - best business idea
2015-10-07 “Bootstrapping” – a solution to challenges facing new businesses
2015-09-30 Open position as Senior Lecturer at Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship
2015-09-10 3 new PhD-students
2015-08-20 Multidisciplinary skillset neccessary in academia
2015-07-07 The role of the government in capital supply
2015-06-04 Big research grant for research on entrepreneurship
2015-06-01 Experimental learning positive when learning about entrepreneurship
2015-04-21 Students get a chance to develope their ideas full-time!
2015-03-27 The Young Researcher Award to Anna Brattström at School of Economics and Management
2015-03-26 Researcher in Entrepreneurship from Lund in debate at the parliament
2015-03-19 Grand slam for master´s students in entrepreneurship!
2015-03-06 Sweden´s first professor in Entrepreneurship receives European award
2015-02-26 Researcher at Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship in Executive Committee
2015-02-13 Firm growth - the missing ingredient of immigrant entrepreneurship research
2015-02-10 Newly accepted Associate Professor at the Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship
2015-01-20 Contribute to a workbook in Social Entreprenurship!
2014-12-22 Thank you for a very exciting 2014!
2014-12-17 New member on editorial board of prestigous journal
2014-12-12 Diamanto Politis recently published
2014-11-20 Tobias Schölin in Internationel Small Business Journal.
2014-10-08 Tobias Schölin in Ekonomisk Debatt
2014-10-03 Entrepreneurial Universities Good Practice Event in Madrid
2014-10-03 First output of the Tempus project
2014-09-22 Public defence
2014-06-04 Scholarships raining over newly graduated entrepreneurship students ready for future challenges
2014-05-15 Congratulations to the winners of Venture Cup Syd 2014
2014-05-14 Entrepreneurship student this year's Global Swede
2014-03-25 Congratulations to our visiting PhD students!
2014-03-19 Entrepreneurship students in Dragons finals
2014-01-13 Entrepreneurship award to Professor Paula Kyrö

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