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Lund University School of Economics and Management

Additional documents to submit with application

Master programme in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

In addition to the online application and the necessary documentation stated at the website, the following documents must also be submitted. You can submit your supporting documents using the uploading function on the University Admission website. If you choose to send the documents by regular mail: Put all documents in the same envelope and please avoid staplers, paper clips, and documents with text on two sides.

The Statement of Purpose and other additional documents are to be included in your application package sent to University Admissions.

Statement of Purpose

The Statement of Purpose should be clear, well-structured and concise and written in English.

Download the form for the Master´s Programme in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, fill out the form and submit with your application.

The Statement of Purpose helps us assess (in addition to your writing and reasoning abilities) how well you are able to articulate your goals, motivations and thoughts regarding the programme. A well-crafted Statement of Purpose, showing both a strong motivation and capacity for Master level studies (and the particular programme you are applying for) will influence the final admission decision.

Curriculum Vitae, letters of recommendation etc.

To support your Statement of Purpose, include a CV with your application.

You are also welcome to include additional documentation you would like us to take into consideration when evaluating your qualifications (letters of recommendation, etc).