Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship

Lund University School of Economics and Management

Reflecting back on EEEW 2018

Post-workshop reflections by Caroline Wigren-Kristoferson

First of all, for those of you who came to Lund and joined us – thank you! When reflecting back, we think of the event as two inspiring days, in which the contributions from all participants fueled and created a learning atmosphere through co-construction and engagement in critical dialogues. This also meant a great synergy with this year’s theme, “Critical entrepreneurship education”, and the vibrant discussions and engaged participants helped form an explorative journey around the concept tied to the main theme in an open way.

We kicked off the EEEW with a lecture on critical thinking. Given by PhD Henrik Andersson from the department of Philosophy at Lund University, the lecture gave us all food for thought on how we can use critical thinking and what it actually implies to be a critical thinker. This food for thought also offered us an opportunity to return to the premises of entrepreneurship education and how we implement it in our everyday practices as both teachers and researchers. This is to say, each educational setting - if it is a course, a programme or a lecture, is created and developed based on our premises concerning entrepreneurship, i.e. how we define entrepreneurship. This was further discussed in the panel by Hanna Jansson, manager of bio entrepreneurship at Karolinska Institutet, Karen Williams Middleton, associate professor at Chalmers, Mats Westerberg, professor at LTU and Gustav Hägg, PhD at Lund University. The different perspectives and reflections from the panel resulted in an interesting discussion on how we engage with entrepreneurship as a multifaceted construct in the educational setting.

Later on the first day, a reccurring and highly appreciated activity at the EEEW was the PhD student exchange with the current and former prize laureates. During this session, the PhD students that attend the EEEW got the opportunity to meet and discuss with Paula Kyrö, Colette Henry, Helle Neergaard and Per Blenker – it was a session that generated very much positive feedback; next year, we will try to expand this session during the workshop.

The remaining participants gained the opportunity to learn about design thinking and how design thinking methods can be used in teaching. In particular, the different steps in the design-thinking process and the importance of time were acknowledged during the session. The session was held by PhD Suna Løwe Nielsen from the University of Southern Denmark, who did an excellent job in introducing us to the field of design thinking and several practical exercises that could be turned into learning activities. It was great to see how much we could develop within such a short period of time!

As always at EEEW, the first day ended with a nice dinner, this year at the Grand Hotel in Lund. Helle and Per received their well-deserved awards. We are grateful to the Sten K. Johnson family and the Foundation Entrepreneurship in Lund that enables us to acknowledge scholars in the field of entrepreneurship education and learning. It is fantastic to look back and reflect upon the group of scholars who have received the award – we much appreciate your commitment to come and participate in EEEW in Lund and we see your participation as very valuable for the development of the stimulating and exciting discussions on the topics of the workshops – thank you for coming!

Day two started with two inspiring key-notes, which we all enjoyed. I truly appreciate the stimulating questions asked by Colette and Paula, which gave us all some further food for thought!

Further food for thought was also something we co-created in the workshop lead by Karin. I am so grateful that you wanted to present your new book, Revitalizing Entrepreneurship Education, to us in Lund during EEEW 2018 and that you invited us all to reflect upon entrepreneurship as a phenomenon. It is always valuable to take a step back and reflect on what we tend to take for granted.
Now we will start planning for EEEW 2019, so please do not forget to send your nomination for the European Entrepreneurship Education Award if you would like to nominate somebody!