Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship

Lund University School of Economics and Management

Workshop programme


EEEW 2017: Pedagogy in entrepreneurship education

The European Entrepreneurship Education Workshop is a two-day workshop. 


Thursday 20 April, starting with lunch

Venue: Elite Hotel Ideon

Day one of the workshop will be dedicated to discuss pedagogy in entrepreneurship education. We will listen to a keynote speech by Dr Åsa Lindberg-Sand, Division for Higher Education Development at Lund University, who works as a pedagogical developer, and has a PhD in pedagogy. The keynote will give us an understanding of the development of the field of education, followed by a round-table discussion of the different methods of teaching and learning employed in entrepreneurship education.  

The second part of day one is organised as breakout sessions. PhD students will have the opportunity to discuss their research with other workshop participants, including senior researchers in entrepreneurship education and recipients of the European Entrepreneurship Education Award. An additional breakout session will focus on teaching ideas, during which we will share content and methods of entrepreneurship education and learning. 

The European Entrepreneurship Education Award 2017 will be presented to Professor Colette Henry during a banquet at Hypoteket.


Programme day 1

11:30–12:00     Registration 

12:00–13:00     Lunch  

13:00–13:15     Welcome to EEEW 2017, Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship 

13:15–14:00     Keynote speaker Dr Åsa Lindberg-Sand, Division for Higher Education Development at Lund University, gives a presentation and reflection on the development of education and didactics over the last three decades 

14:00–14:15     Short break 

14:15–15:15     Round-table discussion in which a few examples of assignments and tasks performed in entrepreneurship education are analysed and discussed in relation to the keynote speech

15:15–15:45     Coffee 

15:45–17:30     Breakout sessions:
(1) PhD students have the opportunity to discuss with senior researchers in the field and with European Entrepreneurship Education Award recipients;
(2) pitch teaching ideas;
(3) participants from the Interreg project Nordic Entrepreneurship Hubs: Creating symbiosis between nordic entrepreneurship hubs

19:00     Welcome drink at Hypoteket

19:30    Banquet and award ceremony



Friday 21 April

Venue: Lund University School of Economics and Management

The second day of the workshop will start with a keynote speech by Professor Colette Henry, Dundalk Institute of Technology, Ireland, who is the winner of the 2017 European Entrepreneurship Education Award. 

The keynote speech is followed by a round-table discussion in which Colette Henry’s contributions to the field are discussed.

The second part of the morning will be organised as a workshop. The theme of the workshop is entrepreneurship education and gender.


Programme day 2

09:00–09:45     Keynote speech 

09:45–10:30    Round-table discussion related to Professor Colette Henry’s keynote speech 

10:30–11:00     Coffee 

11:00–12:30    Workshop on entrepreneurship education and gender: 
(1) Nordic Entrepreneurship Hubs: how do we “do” gender
(2) Gender in entrepreneurship education

12:30–13:00     Closing remarks – reflections 

13:00     Lunch on the go or stay and eat and talk.