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European Entrepreneurship Education Award 2020

For the ninth consecutive year, the Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship presents the European Entrepreneurship Education Award.

Award winner 2020 - David Rae, U.K.

The European Entrepreneurship Education Award recognises an individual or organisation that has contributed to the improvement of entrepreneurship education in academia in Europe. This year the award goes to Professor David Rae, De Montfort University, UK.

We are happy to announce that the winner will participate in the European Entrepreneurship Education Workshop in Lund 26-27 March, 2020. During the workshop David will receive his award and he is also one of the invited keynote speakers at the workshop. 

We wish you all welcome to Lund to celebrate the award winner and to have stimulating discussions on entrepreneurship education and learning! 

More information about European Entrepreneurship Education Workshop 2020.

The award committee´s citation

Professor David Rae, De Montfort University, United Kingdom, has “connected the dots” through his expertise in entrepreneurial learning, as well as in entrepreneurial education, and in turn, has greatly advanced our understanding of how to teach entrepreneurship. He has done extensive and well-cited research drawing on entrepreneurs’ life stories, where he links the individual knowledge and social behaviour of the entrepreneur in relation to business opportunities. This work creates a novel basis for entrepreneurial learning. He has also published extensively on entrepreneurship education in different contexts.  Professor Rae is the boundary spanner between entrepreneurial learning and entrepreneurship education and in this important role, Professor David Rae is a worthy recipient of the 2020 European Entrepreneurship Education Award.

David Rae

David Rae, award winner EEEA 2020.

Photo: De Montfort University.