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Courses, basic level

Knowledge within the field of entrepreneurship is useful in a wide range of areas.

Regardless of your background or previous studies a course in entrepreneurship can broaden your perspectives and help you to utilize your knowledge in practice.


By taking a course with students from other academic backgrounds than your own you will gain new perspectives on your education and get a broader competence. 

The NICE Programme - intercultural competence and entrepreneurship

International courses in entrepreneurship, a summer school and an online course. The application opens in the autumn of 2019. Read more and apply on the project website: NICE Programme (the Network for Intercultural Competence to facilitate Entrepreneurship).

Open to everyone

Social Innovation - a strategy for sustainability - ENTA80
Prerequisits: 30 ECTS
Level: Undergraduate
Credits: 7,5


More courses in Entrepreneurship on a basic level given in Swedish can be found on our swedish course pages


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Josefina Backman, academic advisor

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