Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship

Lund University School of Economics and Management

Course package in entrepreneurship, 30 credits

This course package includes the following three courses:

The increased globalization and the transformation into a knowledge economy have created needs for an entrepreneurial society, where individuals act entrepreneurially within established businesses as well as in creating new ones. An entrepreneurial society thus creates a need for knowledge of entrepreneurship and innovation management. It is essential that students have the ability to understand the conditions and processes for establishing new businesses as well as for the development and growth of established businesses. For that reason are we offering two courses (FEKH91 and FEKH92) in parallel so the student can choose one or both of them.
In this course the concepts of entrepreneurship are discussed, as well as the conditions for entrepreneurship and the process of developing and growing a business.

This course addresses innovation theories on types of innovation and innovation processes as well as entrepreneurial activities and innovation management in established companies. 


The degree project in entrepreneurship concludes de first 90 credits in business administration with a specialisation in entrepreneurship. The course consist of an essay (degree project) of 15 credits and includes a  methodology-module that serves as a support in the work. The objective of the course is to to enhance your ability to conduct an independent study on academic grounds addressing a well-defined problem in Business Administration. Another object of the course is to practice your skills in communicating your results, primarily in writing but even orally. 

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Christopher Mattsson, Gothenburg, Sweden

“I chose to take my bachelor in entrepreneurship at SKJCE in Lund because of my genuine interest in entrepreneurship and also, as many other, I hope to one day start my own company.”

“There was a lot of challenging exercises, and I have never worked as hard as I have during this term. Not only because of the workload, but also because the exercises were fun, hands-on and more practical than theoretical, which I found to be great.”

“I would definitely recommend it to someone. It was an, overall, great term where I had a lot of fun alongside learning loads of important aspects of being an entrepreneur! We got to work with real organizations and solve real problems.”