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Courses and Programmes

Companies needs employees with entrepreneurial competence. The society needs entrepreneurs. You need an education in entrepreneurship and innovation.

We offer a wide selection of courses in entrepreneurship for students from all academic backgrounds. The course are held in Swedish (more information on these courses can be found on our Swedish webpage) or English and can be taken as a part of a programme or as free standing courses. 

Entrepreneurship and innovation is needed everywhere in society. 

What will I learn?

During our courses and programmes you will gain an extensive insight into and knowledge of the theories related to the entrepreneurial process. You will also be encouraged to practically implement new ideas, knowledge and skills to prepare you for a future entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial career. During the education you will meet a large number of guest lecturers with significant experience in business development and project management. On some courses and programmes, you get access to a mentor who often runs an own business, and thus can provide their own experience and knowledge on the initial phase of business development.

Action-oriented learning

The action-oriented learning approach also benefits from the entrepreneurial environment that is surrounding Lund University. Through a close cooperation with organizations such as VentureLab, LU Innovation, Ideon Innovation, LUIS and others you will get updated and essential information concerning the more practical issues related to your business and/or project development. The cooperation also concers development of joint business ideas where you get the opportunity to develop ideas based on research conducted at the university, business ideas with an origin from e.g. Region Skåne, or ideas developed during internships in established companies.

Network and partners

During your studies at the Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship you will be a part of the innovation system at Lund University. The network and partners are an integrated part of many of our courses. 

Who can take the courses?

Most of our courses are open to students from all faculties and with all knowledge backgrounds, with the intention that the students’ previous knowledge will serve as a complement and provide greater dynamics and creativity to the group. The knowledge that these group dynamics generate are also an important element in the courses as well as the ability to work in interdisciplinary teams, another skill that you will develop during the courses.
Your future starts with an education in entrepreneurship and innovation. 
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Some of our courses and programmes are offered in English. You find more information about these courses in the menu to the left.

Some additional courses are only available in Swedish. More information about these courses can be found on the Swedish web pages.

dragons at the university

One example of the action-oriented learning approach within our courses in entrepreneurship and innovation is the event Dragons at the University. The event gives the students the possibility to pitch their business ideas to experienced business angels and venture capitalists.