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Lund University School of Economics and Management

Why knowledge in entrepreneurship and innovation is needed

Entrepreneurship and innovation are needed everywhere in our society. New companies to create work opportunities are needed. Large corporations and public institutions need to develop new products and processes to improve and survive.
Ever since David Birch published his report “The Job Generation Process” in 1979, there is a common understanding that new ventures create most new jobs in society. New ventures do not only create new jobs, they develop society, generate competition that keeps the established corporations on their toes, and are often good at commercialising innovations.  
Large companies today are facing fierce competition as the result of high-speed technological developments, and market globalisation. In order to survive they must constantly be innovative in terms of their products, markets, and processes. 
The public sector is faced with demands to become more efficient, and struggles with the creation of new kinds of processes and systems to provide as good and efficient services as possible.
Today there are several global issues that require innovative solutions – economic, environmental and social.
In order to handle these issues, society and its organisations need people with knowledge of how to create new ventures, processes and systems, and how to manage change – in other words, entrepreneurs.
You may think that you need great ideas to become an entrepreneur. That is not the case. The problem in society is not a general lack of ideas. At universities and many large companies you could find a lot of ideas that will never be realised. Some of them are of course not good enough, but several will never be developed due to lack of time, lack of skills, or simply lack of interest.
The problem is therefore not a lack of ideas, but a lack of entrepreneurs. There are too few people who are qualified to develop the ideas – too few who know how to drive change and development. Knowledge in Entrepreneurship and/or Innovation Management has never before been needed to this extent, in as many different areas, as it is today.
Now is the time to create your own future – we will provide you with the tools you need.