Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship

Lund University School of Economics and Management

Our teaching model

Action, Theory and Experience

Pedagogical idea - illustration

Our teaching model is based on an action-oriented method based on three interacting components: Action, Theory and Experience.
Action is a central aspect of innovation, to turn projects into reality. In order for the action component to result in real knowledge, it is essential to include reflection to examine what actually happened during and after the action-oriented component. The reflection relates to contemporary theories in entrepreneurship, and to the experiences that visiting lecturers and/or mentors from the industry present during the courses. Overall, this provides deeper and more useful knowledge, develops practical expertise within the area, and creates interpersonal understanding.
Most of our courses are open to students from all faculties and backgrounds, aiming to achieve greater dynamics and creativity in the student group through different types of prior knowledge. The knowledge generated in cross-boundary student groups is also an important element in the courses, and contributes to the ability to work in interdisciplinary teams, which is another skill that you will develop during your studies.