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Dragons at the University

Pitching contest

Dragons at the University is a pithcing contest held annually by Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship and VentureLab where students and incubanes get the chance to pitch and get feed back from real life investors. This years sponsor was PwC.

Dragons at the University was held for the fifth consecutive year on March 5th 2015.


This is the contest that gives entrepreneurial students the chance to experience a hot meeting with venture capitalists. Organizers are Sten K. Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship and VentureLab. 

Tim van Dijk and Caroline Mensch from You++ gave a winning presentation of how to teach children in school coding in a fun way. You++ took home three of the five awards and is the contests big winner!

Dragons at the University took place in the AF building with an audience of 100 people, amongst them students at Lund University and others from the local innovation system.

The winning teams received a total prize of 16 000 by PwC. The jury's assessments of the contributions were based on the project’s trustworthiness and potential and rhetorical qualities of the contestants. The business ideas varied from tools for interactive presentations, protection of theft of luggage, finding skies in powder snow, gathering your news article subscription though one account and how to grow vegetables in your apartment.


• Overall winner ( 5000 kr) - You++
• Trustworthiness ( 1500 kr) - You++
• Potential in the project ( 1500 kr) - PowUnity
• Rhetorical qualities ( 1500 kr) - KryWolf
• Audience award ( 1500 kr) - You++

Dragons at the University 2015

See the film from Dragons at the University 2015!