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Three alumni from the Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship took part of the region finals of Venture Cup at Grand Hotel in Lund on May 14th.

One of them is the current Regional Manager of Venture Cup Syd, Julia Selander, who recently appeared in Sydsvenskan in an interview, revealing her childhood dream job: a weathercock.

Julia took the undergraduate course in entrepreneurship and project management, offered in Swedish at the School of Economics and Management, some years back. So did Richard Laurits, part of the winning team eDiabeat, 
co-starred by medical doctor Annica Carnbring Belfrage.

Julia Selander, Richard Laurits and Annica Carnbring Belfrage. Photo: Mathilda Thudin

(Photo: Mathilda Thudin)

Suffering from diabetes type 1 since the age of nine, Richard knows exactly how crucial the communication between patient and care giver can be, and what support to be wished for in the life style change necessary to live healthy and sound. eDiabeat strives to create engagement and a sustainable transformation of everyday life, through real time personal feedback in a cross platform web app. Winning the competition takes the concept to a new stage of development, and one step closer to the market.

Philip Werner, graduate from the Master's programme in Entrepreneurship, was another finalist out of the eight teams to participate, that's eight out of 240 entries. Together with Filip Böttcher and Oskar Odén, he presented a business plan for a luxury water sports product from Radinn AB, a company with ambitions to enter the markets in the US, the Caribbean and southern Europe.

(All finalists at Grand Hotel in Lund, eDiabeat in the middle and Radinn AB to the far right, Photo: Mathilda Thudin)


eDiabeat (Photo: Mathilda Thudin)

The total winners and recipients of
100 000 SEK was eDiabeat

Within the four categories, each winner is rewarded with 25 000 SEK, accordingly: 

People & Society

Environment & Energy

Web, Software & Media

Life Science & Technology